Slime Rancher movie adaptation in the works

Fledgling prodco Story Kitchen is looking to turn Monomi Park's popular game series into a feature film.
August 21, 2023

California-based Monomi Park is taking its flagship Slime Rancher game series to the big screen.

The indie developer has partnered with US prodco Story Kitchen to adapt its popular two-title IP about a young rancher who collects playful creatures called slimes.

The original Slime Rancher game, which hit retail in 2017, has sold more than six million copies globally, according to Monomi. It’s also one of the highest-rated titles of all time on gaming service Steam. Slime Rancher 2 (pictured) pre-launched last year.

Producers Derek Kolstad (John Wick) and Dmitri Johnson (Sonic the Hedgehog) founded Story Kitchen last year with former APA agent/partner Mike Goldberg. The company is focusing on game adaptations and already has projects based on Tomb Raider, Streets Of Rage and Splinter Cell in development among others.

While the Slime Rancher games are designed to appeal to all ages, there are no details yet on the film’s target audience or format. 

Updated August 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm

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